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Network & Fiber Optic Cabling

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We own our world, step up to challenges and fiercely protect our reputation by delivering quality work and nurturing relationships.

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We are a diverse team of individuals who value the opportunity to put others before self and embrace comradery.

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Network & Fiber Optic Solution

Advanced Cable Technology delivers comprehensive communications solutions for voice, data, and video networks. Through our design and implementation capabilities, we utilize vendor-independent solutions to ensure that each customer’s network functions as designed. We provide strategic planning, need assessment, design and engineering, implementation, testing, ongoing maintenance, and technology consulting services to ensure that your network functions all day every day.

Quality Assurance

Currently, Advanced Cable Technology has proven to provide leadership experience in the communications industry, Advanced Cable Technology is recognized for superior-quality performance. Our success is simple. We structure our business to efficiently provide customer-driven comprehensive communications solutions through a proven management team.  We are leaders in the network and fiber optic industry in the northwest.

Services Offered

Advanced Cable Technology offers multiple Telecommunications services for both inside construction and outside plant construction.

  • Backbone Copper Cabling Systems for Riser and Building to Building
  • Fiber Backbone Systems with single-mode and multi-mode fiber installation
  • Fiber Fusion Splicing for fiber pigtails, aerial enclosures, and pedestals
  • Fiber terminations and testing by certified personnel
  • Network Cabling: CAT 5E, CAT 6, for new construction and remodel (Adds, moves, and changes)
  • AutoCAD construction design
  • Visio design for Communication Room Build-outs, server equipment, and rack placement
  • Circuit extensions and troubleshooting T1, DSL, ISDN, D-Marc
  • Cabling infrastructure audit, maintenance, and management

Meet Our Team

Tony Brown

Manager / Designer

Tony co-founded Advanced Cable Technology in 2000. He hired, trained, and expanded the fiber optic team from 2000-2020. He enjoys designing, auditing, maintaining, and building fiber optic network systems. He coordinates with his team to expand our services by supporting clients with new products and providing AutoCAD fiber designs and maps.

Jason Stewart

Manager / Estimator

Jason Stewart, an experienced Vice President of Operations at Advanced Cable Technology, a Whitaker-owned company since 2021. He has been serving as the VP at Advanced Cable for over two decades, since 2000. With more than 26 years of expertise in utility placement, both outside and inside construction, commercial structured cabling solutions, underground, buried, aerial, splicing, and design, Jason has proven himself to be a valuable asset to the company.

Jared Schlapia

Project Manager

Jared Schlapia has been with Advanced Cable Technology since 2016.

Brad Harvey

Project Manager

Brad Harvey has been with Advanced Cable Technology since 2002. His roles include our remote work outside of the Treasure Valley.

Cheryl Erasmy

Office Manager

Cheryl Erasmy has worked for Advanced Cable Technology since 2012. Her duties include PR, AR, AP, Inventory, Invoicing, and many others. Her passions include being out in nature as much as she can, golfing, and hiking.